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The Home Survey

(“Level 2” for purposes of RICS Home Survey Standard 2019)

The Home Survey is designed as a more concise form of report and is ideally suited for modern (typically post 1880) houses or bungalows, which are of conventional construction and in seemingly reasonable condition. I can advise you on suitability.

While the inspection is marginally less detailed than a Building Survey, the main difference is that the report is in a more concise format dealing with issues in general terms. It concentrates on important defects which are, in my opinion, likely to be reflected in the value. Minor defects will not normally be reported.

The purpose of the report is designed to advise you as to:

  • whether there is a possible need for major repairs or replacements
  • making an informed decision whether to proceed further with the purchase
  • what further actions need to be taken prior to exchange of contracts
  • any safety issues noted during the course of inspection.


All reports are based on a careful inspection carried out by John Sparks, who over the last 34 years has built up a considerable bank of knowledge regarding the local housing stock and its various issues. The time taken for each inspection would of course be dependent upon the size, age and complexity of the issues found. Even for the simplest properties I would anticipate spending at least two hours on site. For the more complex cases it can well be more than double this.

Particular points of concern can be considered if I am notified of these prior to inspection.


The report is designed to be in a concise format but gives you the basic information you need to know to make the required decision as to what to do next. It includes both colour photographs and sketches. These often help in explaining any technical issues although I am always willing to talk through issues with clients by telephone after the report has been submitted, if this is required. If I am made aware of your circumstances I can tailor the advice given, a typical example being if the property is being purchased on a “Buy to Let” basis (as in sample) rather than for owner occupation.

With regard to specialist areas such as electrics, heating etc. a simple visual inspection will be made but the appliances will not be tested. I will always do my best to inform you as to what might be the extent of any problem, with the recommendation that a test by the relevant specialist should be carried out to confirm whether my concerns are justified.

A sample copy of a Home Survey can be downloaded. This includes the Terms and Conditions relating to the Home Survey report which can be found on pages 13-16.

Download a sample Home Survey (2.2MB)

Main Features

Suitable for modern property

Home Survey - suitable for modern property


The Report Covers

Items that need further investigation

Home Survey - items that need further investigation


Issues affecting value...

Home Survey - items affecting value


...and safety issues

Home Survey - safety issues