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Why Have a Survey?

For most people their home is probably the largest personal investment they will make. Before assessing its value and suitability it is vital to know its condition.

Although the cases in which a major structural defect is revealed are in a minority, a survey report will highlight defects which affect the value. Commissioning your own Survey can frequently pay for itself.

Many buyers fall into the trap of relying on the findings of a Mortgage Valuation report. This is prepared for the benefit of the lenders to advise them as to whether the house provides sufficient security for the proposed loan, normally based on an inspection time of about 30 minutes. Both the Consumers’ Association Which? Magazine and the Council of Mortgage Lenders advise that even if you are having a mortgage valuation undertaken you should commission your own survey report from a Chartered Surveyor.


Pre Purchase Surveys

The “RICS Home Survey Standard” was published by the RICS in November 2019 to try to provide the general public with a more consistent level of reporting and a means of benchmarking the reports offered. As such all reports are now required to be categorized into one of three levels: Level 1, 2 & 3. My reports have been labelled accordingly. A copy of the RICS Home Survey Standard can be found at https://www.rics.org/globalassets/rics-website/media/qualify/home-survey-standard-pdf.pdf..

  • THE HOME SURVEY ("Level 2") (Concise) A practical and economic report for standard post 1880 housing. More >>
  • THE BUILDING SURVEY ("Level 3") (Detailed) A detailed report ideally suited to older properties or larger ones which are either complex or in poor condition. (Formerly referred to as a Full Structural Survey) More >>

Why Have a Survey